Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Let me just make this one thing crystal clear: I hate having nothing to do. I was so excited to have a summer where all I did was read books, lay on the beach, and work on my tan. Hah, I am now 6 books into a wet, overcast summer. I want it to be August, and I want to start school.
My lease was up at the end of June, so I've transferred all my stuff to my new home in Detroit. Very cute, might I add. I made the decision that if I was going to live in this apartment for 4 years then I needed to do a good job decorating. And a good decorator always begins with a great paint color. By the time the fourth coat of paint was going onto my Garnet living room I had about had enough of painting. Let's just say that my decision to be a doctor was a good one, because I make an awful painter. But the living room does look nice now, and it was worth all the hassle. My friend Chelsea came over last week and kept saying that the kitchen needed to be painted, which it did. But since I had spent two days painting the living room I was in no hurry to ever pick up a roller again. Long story short, she painted the kitchen, I drank a glass of wine and complimented her work.
I got cable, internet, and electricity rolling at my new apartment. I also tried out the pool, which is lovely on the days Michigan is blessed with sunshine. I have not tried out the laundry facilities as of yet, I'm going to take advantage of my home washer and dryer as long as I can.
I have found out what I'm going to be doing the first week of orientation. Most of it is confidentiality, taking care of people who are disadvantaged or from a different cultural group, registering for classes and email, and taking tours of the buildings. But each day, a quarter of the class goes on rounds with the faculty in one of the affiliated hospitals. Lucky me, I go first. I'm not quite sure what they expect us to contribute to the experience, some of the class hasn't even taken anatomy. I've decided it's a scare tactic, they want to make sure us first years know what we're getting into, and if we don't like it, we get out before we waste two years of education. My White Coat Ceremony is on Saturday. I've heard from other people that they're quite boring but the parents like them. I'm not sure how Grams and Gramps will feel, good old Gramps is a bit hard of hearing and Grams doesn't like listening to long, boring speeches. Unless they're about being Republican, in which case she's all ears.
I think that's about enough for today, I've blabbered on for quite long enough. I'm three weeks away!!!