Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So I've managed to get through two sets of exams. Good news everyone, I'm still passing Medical School. I've also managed to slip off the blogging bandwagon. I suppose I either do the med school thing or do the procrastinator thing and write. Tonight, I choose procrastination.

We entered the abdomen today. Since I've had a disection class in my undergrad, I kept warning all of my group members to please avoid cutting the GI tract open at all, because of the horrific stench that would result. Apparently people in the other room did not get that message. But it was all in vain, once we removed part of the small intestine, I noticed a massive hunk of distended intestine in the very center of the abdomen. Surprise, it was a rectum, full of what must have been at least 2 weeks worth of digested food. The cute little British lady who happens to be in charge of our dissection room came over and said, "Surprise, you win the prize! I'll bring string tomorrow and we can cut it open!" When we all looked at her like she was crazy she followed up with, "Well you're the crazy ones who want to be doctors, you're going to see all sorts of smelly, disgusting things. Why not start now?" I'm hoping she forgets about us. Although it's hard to forget about a rectum that takes up the entire pelvic floor, pushing the uterus to one side. Yikes, eat your fiber people, that did not look like a comfortable way to go.

In other news, my cat has taken up a new hobby: playing fetch. He prefers his yellow mouse for this game, but the red one works just as well. And he only does it on his schedule, none of this bossing around business works with him. For all of you who know how much I really want a dog, this makes me really happy. For the rest of you who know that cats do not play fetch, I'm going to try to get this on video. He's pretty camera shy though, I tried it once a few weeks back and he only retrieved once for me when he figured out he was being recorded. It's a work in progress.