Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ew, Wintertime

Apparently I suck at life, or at least posting regular blogs on here. It's absolutely insane how fast life flies by when you're learning copious amounts of information. As of mid-November, we were handed a stack of 1700 pages of notes; and that was just for Physiology. The first set of exams for Physiology and Biochemistry were before Christmas break (we had two weeks off, which felt absolutely amazing). 80 people failed the Physiology exam. I was frighteningly close to the cutoff point. But I did pass, which is wonderful, and now we're on to the next portion. We have our second set of exams in two weeks and I'm starting to feel the pinch. I am, however, through 200 of the 600 pages of notes for this Physiology exam. At least I'm not completely worthless. Yikes.
Let me see, Dan came home over the holidays. It was really REALLY nice to see him. I miss having him around all the time. He left just this past Tuesday to go back to his 60 degree home (yes, that's jealousy you're sensing). And I'm here again, studying my butt off. I keep telling myself it's going to be worth it in the end. I have to admit, right now, if someone told me I'd have to start from the beginning again, I'm nearly positive I'd pick a new career. Medical School is miserable and depressing, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
My other best friend got married a week ago. So this was my second term at the Maid of Honor post, and I have to admit that I'm extremely happy I will never, EVER have to do it again. I love my friends to pieces but weddings are simply not my cup of tea. Between the hair, and the makeup, and the dresses, and the drama, and everything else that goes along with it...well, it makes me long for my Biochemistry and Physiology. And that's really saying something! Perhaps I will feel differently when it's my turn around, but for now, I'm very happy to say goodbye to wedding planning.
That's all for now, this was my attempt to distract myself from the mountain of notes that have accumulated on my kitchen table.

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