Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ethnic Food

Today was the "Big Sib, Little Sib" lunch. But, as I am quickly learning, nothing that medical students, or medical schools, put together ever run smoothly. So instead of being assigned a second year medical student to sit and chat with (like we were told), there was a mad rush of second years who got out of lecture late, who ran into the classroom, grabbed the few of us who actually showed up, and told us we were going as a group to get some food. This was my first eperience with Indian food. I've heard good things, and I will say it was pretty tasty. But my stomach is not enthralled with it. So this afternoon, instead of sticking around campus to study in the library, I came home to drink some tea and study in the luxury of my own home.

Since I made a promise to update this weekly, I feel as though this is an excellent opportunity to put off classwork and write. Medical school is, essentially, what I expected. The information is not difficult (but I come from a science background, and I imagine it is wholly overwhelming to a person from, say, a political science background) but there is a LOT of information given at a VERY fast pace. We go through roughly 20 pages of notes per hour. Mind you, we have roughly 3 hours of lecture a day, which adds up pretty quickly to a nearly overwhelming amount of information. The point is, school doesn't end when you leave the campus. It's absolutely necessary to put in several hours of studying every evening just so that you don't forget everything you've learned. Last week it felt a bit daunting, but I've gotten into a routine of rewriting/re-reading each day's notes in the evening. Then I use the weekends to review all the information.

I regret to inform all of you that's seriously all I've been doing. Classes from (roughly) 9-5 every day, then home to eat and review the days lectures. I made it to the pool on Saturday (with my notes) which was a big accomplishment for me. Soon, once I figure this all out, I'm going to try to start doing a bit more volunteering every month. That is all for now, til next week!


  1. And this explains why I am a lowly nurse! I couldn't deal with a schedule like that! You can though - you go girl!

  2. Mari, you aren't even close to a "lowly" nurse and you know it.

  3. Sounds far to over whelming to me too.. but I know you can handle it.

  4. im watching obssesed and this women kept her miscarried 8 week old baby in the freezer...

    for six years.

    i'm glad that you will help through the miscarriage and i will have to help them deal with it five years later. i think i went into the wrong field. lol