Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Clearly I'm bad at this whole blogging thing. Pardon my laziness. The first set of exams were immediately following my last post. I passed, which I feel is an excellent beginning to medical school. Since the passing of the first set of exams, the school of medicine has deemed it the appropriate time to step it up a few notches. I am now studying the Embryology portion of Histology (but we still have Histology lectures too), Anatomy, and a longitudinal course called Clinical Medicine (part 1). Aka...I'm busy. I actually find myself enjoying Embryology, it's a nice tangent to the boring identification slides that Histology was all about. It's also a nice departure from Anatomy. Since this is my 4th time through an Anatomy course and I dislike it just as much as the first 3 times, I feel as though it is appropriate to just lay it all out there and say I really don't like Anatomy. I really prefer Physiology-type courses. Anatomy is just too cut and dry for me (no pun intended, since the cadavers are anything but dry). I will say that the quality of the bodies we are working on this year in medical school are a lot better than the bodies we worked on in Undergrad. This is particularly evident in the vasculature, but the muscles are also a lot more defined. It's also interesting to see some pathologies, there was a woman who had extremely advanced breast cancer. I was personally unaware that breast cancer literally turns black, even on the skin. That was interesting to see.
Other than the fact that my life is even more over-run with study sessions, I have not been up to much. I went to see Dan over Labor Day weekend, and it was a really nice trip. Since our exams were immediately before the trip, I could literally take 3 days off from studying and not fall behind. The weather was amazing, the sunshine felt great, and the ocean had plenty of waves and salt. I even saw a jelly fish! Dan didn't believe me until he saw it himself. We also frequented a nude beach, since that was the closest to his house. We saw a lot of...other things besides jelly fish while we were there too. Let's just say it was a very informative trip, I learned a lot on that beach. I also learned that I am apparently extremely non-miamian. When I was being polite in the Miami airport, a gentleman literally asked me where I was from because natives of the Miami area are not polite. Let's be honest, they're flat out rude. I also experienced my first flight with an obese person as my neighbor. Actually, there were 2 of them, which made my 3 seat row extremely squishy. The situation was actually so serious that the flight attendant moved me to a new seat, because the two obese individuals needed my seat to spill over into. Sad, truly sad.
Tonight, my mentor (we all get assigned into mentoring groups, with a physician heading the group) is taking us all out to a Tiger's game. I'm a little nervous, since this will be the first time I've gone out with this group of people and I'm not quite sure what to expect. But it's a beautiful evening and I like baseball, so I'm determined to make the best of it.


  1. It's great to get this update. I knew you would do well on your exams.
    Miami sounds interesting to say the least! And so do your cadaver labs. We had a patient that died of untreated breast cancer some years back. It was a nasty looking thing.
    Anyway - keep up the good work. Say Hi to Dan!

  2. Glad you had a little R&R over the holiday, and I'm sure Dan was glad to spend it with you. Keep posting even if it is sporadic, I tend to be the same way, but you have a much better excuse. Now, hit the books!!

  3. I hate being squished on a flight. Glad you got a little vacation from school and that you got to see your boy! That must have been interesting to go to a nude beach. You are brave, lol.

  4. so I was thinking, crap, its been awhile since I read Natalies blog... but I actually only missed one post. haha. awesome. p.s. I almost peed myself reading about the obease people spilling over into your seat. haha. OMG